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Privacy policy


The web site pay serious attention to questions of protection of your confidentiality and it is a great pleasure for us to present you this Policy to inform you about measures we take in the process of collection, use and protection of personal information about our visitors and registered users of our site. Personal information is information which can serve identification of people, for example: your name, e-mail, telephone number, postal address, etc.

Using this site you agree with the following terms and conditions:

1. Collection of information

The web site collects personal information when you use our services. For example, when you are registering yourself at the web site we request your name and e-mail. The web site automatically receives and saves information from your Internet browser in its server logs. This information includes your IP address, browser type and a list of pages of our resource you visited. This information not always can be used for your identification. The web site requires entering personal information neither in the search line at the web site, nor in case of link to web sites of third parties.

The web site can receive your personal data and other information from its affiliated persons, business partners and other independent third parties. In case of your visiting third-party sites we can also receive information which you provide to these sites.

2. Use of information

The web site uses your personal information for the following purposes:

• To confirm your right to access to some functions of the site;
• To request products or services;
• To personalize and modify the site content and available proposes according to your search requests;
• To contact you, for example, if you are subscribed to our mailout;
• To improve our service;
• To make reports.

3. Disclosure of information

The web site neither lets out for lease, nor sells, nor provide your personal information to other people and companies excluding cases (1) when it is necessary to supply you with products and services you ordered including but not limited to products and services from third parties, (2) when we have the appropriate permission from you, and (3) when the following terms and conditions are valid:

• The web site can use services of third parties helping to make access to our products and services and can transfer personal information to these third parties who concluded a contract on provision of confidentiality of your information allowing using this information only for the purposes stipulated in the contract;
• In case of summon, by court decision and in purposes of protection of our legal rights and protection against legal claims;
• When we think that transfer of information can help to investigate, hamper or take measures relating an illegal activity, in case of suspicion of fraud, in situations implicating a threat to physical security of people, in cases of violations of the Agreement on terms and conditions of use of the web site or when transfer of this information is required by law;
• We can transfer information about you to third parties in case when the web site will be bought or become a part of other company. In this case the web site will send you the appropriate notice to the e-mail address specified in your profile at the web site before other Privacy Policy comes into force in relation to your personal information.

4. Cookies files

The web site leaves cookies on your computer and has an access to them. A cookie is a little volume of information which serves of the web site transfer to your browser and which can be read only by servers of the web site. When you visit the site a cookie saves special data allowing speeding up of the process of using the site. You can deactivate cookies or delete them from your browser in the Privacy Settings or Security section. However, the cookies function shall be activated for viewing some sections of the web site. The web site can allow other companies publishing their advertisements on our pages leave their cookies on your computer and have access to them. Use of cookies by other companies shall be determined by their privacy policy but not privacy policy of the web site. Other companies cannot receive access to cookies of the web site.

5. References to third sites

The web site provides references to third sites and can inform users about products and services of third parties. If you take a decision to visit a third site or use products or services offered at it please remember that this Privacy Policy will not be considered as valid in relation to your actions and information provided by you to the third party. We strongly recommend reading the privacy policy at the resource you visit.

6. Confidentiality and security

We provide your personal information only to the employees of our company who really need it to provide you products or services and to perform their immediate operating tasks. The web site takes procedural and technical measures to prevent loss, illegal use of your personal information and unauthorized access to it and its distribution. We do our best to keep your information in the safe environment which is inaccessible for the strangers.

7. Exchange of information between users of the web site

If you include personal information in your comments at the site, open text margins or other sections of the site designed for public viewing other users can view this information and use it. We do not recommend publish your e-mail and other personal information in such a way if you want to avoid undesirable contacts.

To provide your security the web site does not show your e-mail or contact information to other users excluding cases when you personally request the contrary.

8. Access, viewing and changing your personal information

We propose you the opportunity to receive access to some information, view it and change through the member area.

On your request, we can deactivate your profile and hide your personal information from the project. A letter with a request to confirm deletion of the account will be sent to you. After receipt of your affirmative response the profile will be deactivated in the shortest possible time depending on your activity in the profile. We will save some part of your personal information in our files and databases for analysis and account and for prevention of a possible fraud, solve possible conflicts, help to eliminate problems, help in any investigations, provide performance of our Terms of Use and act in accordance with the current law.

Please remember that in case of deactivation of the account you cannot be authorized on the project using data of this account and use some services of the project. However, you always can send a request to restore your account with the help of the contact form or create a new account.

9. Changes in the Privacy Policy

The web site can change this Privacy Policy. We will advise you about any essential changes by placing a notice on the site.